• Are you a wedding or bridal professional wanting to book more clients and build a consistent income quickly?
  • Are you currently making a little money in your business, but cant get over the $50,000 mark?
  • Wanting to leave your 9-5, but cant seem to get enough clients to supplement that income?
  • Are you wanting to feel more confident about your business and need guidance from someone that has already made 6 figures?
  • Or, are you already making $50K and want to get over the $100K mark? 
    No matter where you are in business, if your wanting to make more money and live a life by design, and have more FREEDOM, you have come to the right place! 

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I am Brianna Michelle, a 17 year award winning bridal & celebrity makeup artist, for Brianna Michelle Beauty, LLC, and business and marketing coach helping other wedding pros scale to 6 figures quickly!

In 2015, I found myself, at 34,  living in my girlfriends basement, with no job, no financial security, and a “barely there” part time bridal business that was struggling. Something had to change FAST! 

Being forced to create my own financial stability, I had to face my fears and GO ALL IN and invested in a mentor who taught me online marketing strategies to help me grow my business.

Within 1 year, I had learned a “new way” of business marketing and had scaled my bridal business to a wildly successful 6 figure mobile beauty team with an online marketing strategy.

Now, my mission is to teach this strategy to others to help them live their dream and create a consistent income doing what they love, and scale to a wildly successful business effortlessly without burning out!

My clients have success getting more inquiries, gaining more clients, booking more weddings, making more money all while feeling aligned with their passions and dreams.


"I’ve been working with Brianna for the past couple months now and I can’t even tell you the Impact she’s had and myself and for my business. She is not only guided me with all the fundamentals but with so much more. The tools that she provides are a lifelong. Brianna is super positive, uplifting and genuine. I can’t thank her enough!!!!"

Alluring Beauty Bridal

"Brianna Michelle has been such a cheerleader and supporter in my beauty business! Always there to offer support or give friendly and constructive advice, you can count on her to give you honest assistance with your beauty biz needs. Taking Brianna’s Instagram Posting for Profit course has really helped me level up my social media presence, especially on Instagram and has been beneficial. I’ve booked more clients through finding me on Instagram than ever before! If you’re looking for someone to offer guidance, assistance, and give you that boost you need to make an impact in your business, she’s a great mentor! Highly recommend connecting with this Beauty Boss!"

Ashley Marie
Makeup Artistry

"She is extremely talented and passionate about her field, but she is also very knowledgeable and highly relatable. She shares information in a way that just makes sense. I attribute gaining many of my clients from the seeds that she has planted. I'am forever grateful for Brianna's impact on my business!"

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